How To Make Sure Your Writing Is Grammatically Flawless

How To Make Sure Your Writing Is Grammatically Flawless

Effective communication is crucial in every aspect of one’s life. It can be through writing, speech or other non-verbal communication. No matter how good you are in exposition, you still have to refine and improve your skills, now and then. To be skillful in influencing your audience or convey a message, professionals in any industry need to hone their writing skills. Well, you desire to write a compelling letter of intent graduate school , don’t you? For you to achieve this, then your writing should be flawless, grammatically.

How do you achieve this?

Tips for Grammatically Flawless Writing

Improve your vocabulary

Expanding your vocabulary will aid you in expressing yourself. When you learn a new word, familiarize yourself with all its forms. Read through example sentences and learn how you can incorporate the word into your expressions.

Pay attention to Punctuation

A misplaced or missing punctuation in a sentence changes its meaning altogether. As you read through your content once more, focus on punctuation. Is the sentence appropriately structured?

Use fewer words

Using lengthy verbiage in your material can be tempting. However, readers appreciate content that gets to the point. Where you can replace a lengthy phrase with fewer words; do so?

Read it out loud

It helps in detecting errors that may slip past you as you write or read it with the eyes only. You increase your chances of finding a typo in the graduate school letter of intent that you have been working on. If it doesn’t sound right, chances are, there is a grammatical error present.

Use the available online proofreading tools

Once you are through drafting your letter of intent to graduate, you can pass your content through a grammar checker. It will provide you with instant recommendations and pinpoint the errors in the document. Online proofreading tools are many; my favorite is Grammarly.

Read often

Reading exposes you to other styles and techniques that you can adopt in your projects. It doesn’t have to be just articles or books that address writing challenges. Find something that intrigues you; it could be a novel or a magazine.

Understand and learn how a new word can be used in a text.

Invest in a thesaurus

Using repetitive words in your content can lead to boredom among your readers. Use different words that carries a similar meaning rather than repeat a phrase. Change your sentence structures. Bring life to your content by spicing it up.


After completing a writing project, take some time off to relax. You can then go ahead to read through the content again. Find a friend or expert and get feedback on your material. To achieve success in the field of writing, you need to pass your work through a critical eye. Don’t let the fear of failure to keep you from realizing this.


As a writer, you should endeavor to improve and polish your writing skills, regularly. Even the accomplished writers have to work on their writing prowess. Before publishing or submitting your work, find time to go through it.

Use the available online tools. Spice up your work and expand your vocabulary.

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