Rummy Quotes That Teach Beyond Just Words

As every game, rummy too inspires. It is not surprising that there are so many interesting rummy quotes that provoke you to think. These quotes make you understand not just a game of rummy but also life in great detail. Here are some of these smart quotes for you to go through:

‘When Luck Joins the Game, Cleverness Scores Double’

Like all the games we know, even in rummy card game, luck matters greatly. However, you must know that luck alone cannot make you win the game. Apart from luck, you also need a fair share of shrewdness to decide your card moves. It is true that the right cards in the hand brings you closer to victory. Yet, the game can only be won when you see beyond just your cards and guess what possibilities are there to complete all sequences. This rule applies in life too. Even with everything in your favour, you may lose in life if you do not grab the right opportunities and make the best of it.

‘Love, War and Rummy, All Require Passion’

Learning the rules of the game is one thing but winning the game is a completely different thing. Most people manage to learn how to play rummy easily. However, they do not manage to win the games frequently. Only players with passion for the game can see beyond the cards played and plan the next moves well. This is the reason why passion matters in the game of rummy just as it does in love and war.

‘Don’t Underestimate the Power of Joker’

Joker in itself is nothing in a game of rummy. However, the beauty of this card is that it can replace other cards to form melds as well as artificial sequences. In many games of rummy, joker comes as a lifesaver. This card does not hold any value in itself but is of utmost importance if you wish to win the game. The same applies in life too. There are certain things that in itself don’t mean anything but if you use these things wisely, life may change drastically. This is an important thing to learn from this rummy quote.

‘You Have to Learn the Rules of the Game and then You Have to Play Better Than Anyone Else’

Every player who wishes to play rummy should learn the rules of the games first. Once you understand exactly how to play the classic rummy game, you must try grasping how to be better than the remaining players. This increases your chances of winning the rummy game.

A good observer will have a keen eye. He will make a note of the cards disposed off by the opponent and see how these can help you win. He may also try and gauge the sets or melds the opponent is making. This is how the player learns how to play better than the remaining players.

‘We cannot change the hands we are dealt, just how we play the hand’

We do not have an option in rummy game to exchange hands or cards. Once we are dealt the cards, we must play it or pass. What we can actually do as players is understand how best to use the cards at hand. This assures victory.

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