Why The State Of Adult Literacy Is Truly Scary

Why The State Of Adult Literacy Is Truly Scary

Education serves the purpose of empowering the community with the prevailing ideology that the younger generation remains more in need of this empowerment. The approach instilled in an individual’s mind on the purpose of education remains a holistic approach to life with the learners equipped with life skill attributes to tackle any obstacles they encounter.

The state of adult literacy remains scary from the fact that not only is the older generation unequipped with education skills but also with life tackling ability on matters such as financial and health literacy.

Unemployment remains a time ticking bomb that shortly will dislocate the functioning of governments and disrupt the development of different worlds, and the signs include the adult illiteracy. One way of identifying the adult illiteracy consists of the vast number of employment resumes that arrive in companies where the younger and older group of people try to acquire a position of employment.

The adult literacy levels identified through the resume conceptually arise when a majority of adults do not have higher levels of education, and their resumes remained plain and written with an annotated bibliography creator.

What are the kinds of adult illiteracy?

There exist many types of aspects that can serve the purpose of identifying the levels of ignorance among adults, all of which outline the literacy levels in the society. The bibliography converter aids in understanding the standards of education with relevant knowledge in resumes and the following key areas may serve to explain literacy levels in adults;

Financial Literacy

Just as the name suggests, financial literacy gets gauged depending on the levels of income of individuals and how the same people spend their earnings on a regular basis. The budgets of families illustrate a lot on how money gets spent in the households of people and in turn the economists and educationist can generalize the literacy levels of a population of a country.

Financial literacy in the layman language refers to how you understand to manage your money when you receive it and how you use the money to uplift your status in life. Moreover, financial knowledge shows how you as an adult fathom the working of money in the real world.

Statistics show that about forty percent of families keep budgets to manage their spending. Hence it shows that financial literacy in adults is at 40%.

Health Literacy

The health education of adults in context refers to the understanding of the older generations on the critical health factors and how they need take care of themselves. The nation with a whopping forty percent of illiterate adults shows how the adults have little information on the standard health care behaviors hence affecting the whole healthcare system of the country.

Advancements in the health sector all try to solve the problem of adult illiteracy levels by providing general public education on health matters. The adults need to gain more health education and reduce the levels of illiteracy and strengthen the health sector by taking up roles in the industry. It remains disheartening to find out that groups of adults do not realize the need for health education to themselves and the society due to their lack of knowledge.

The two aspects, finance, and health show how much needs to happen to ensure that the adults in society remain knowledgeable. The internet serves as one of the ways by offering online bibliography generator at the disposal of the adults.


We need to realize an uneducated adult society spells doom for the younger generation who desire to learn from the adults.

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