5 Popular Interior Design Trends That Use Hardwood

Hardwood is known for its classic visual appeal. That is why it’s now being showcased in many American homes.

Today, interior designers, DIY enthusiasts, and property owners are discovering the beauty that hardwood brings. From classic designs to reinterpretations of already existing styles, everyone is looking for creative ways to use hardwood in a home.

But what is really hot this year in the interior design and hardwood industry? Check out these trends below:

1. Statement Walls

According to a renowned interior designer, statement walls are a trend today. Whether they feature natural hardwood or stained designs, these walls will add character, beauty, and personality to any space. Depending on the type of hardwood used, different styles are reflected.

2. Wood Trims for Modern Spaces

Although wainscoting and molding are often associated with traditional style, many designers are using them to come up with modern designs in different sorts of homes, such as lofts, apartments, or contemporary houses.

Some designers are now experimenting with the wainscoting scale to enhance a small space. With a wainscot treatment, they believe that they can make a space feel a bit taller because it adds scale and dimension. Crown molding bridges, on the other hand, are used to bridge the gap between ceilings and walls.

3. Natural Texture and Color

Every hardwood species has its natural grain pattern and color. While some have light colors that create a sophisticated and airy feel in a room, others have natural dark colors that set a tone of formality in a space.

Apart from color, each hardwood species has unique grain patterns that improve an interior style. For example, light linear patterns work well with modern interior because of their clean symmetry.

4. Reclaimed Wood

Upcycled hardwood found in older properties and barns gives property owners the chance to restore the beauty of a space with an aged wood. Reclaimed woods are now being used by designers in bed headboards and furniture.

5. Finished Ceilings

More often than not, many property owners forget about the ceiling. They tend to focus on other elements of their homes, leaving the ceiling exactly as it was when the property was built.

Today, interior designers came up with a new trend. They are now using hardwood on the ceiling to draw attention and create an illusion of more space.

If you are looking to remodel your home with hardwood, then do consider any of these interior design trends. You won’t be disappointed.

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