Beginners Guide to Horse Racing Betting

Betting on various sports activities, non-sport activities and casinos are ubiquitous across the world. There varying degrees within the realm of betting, both legal and illegal. Sports betting is a major revenue generator for a number of countries and amplifies their economy. One of the most popular sport of betting is Horse Racing.

Figuring out how to leverage free sports bets?

Here is all you need to know as a beginner about the world of sports betting, free that too!

When it comes to horse betting, people may often get intimidated by the complexities horse betting has, however it is much simpler in reality. Horse betting can be primarily divided into 2 types, basic wagers or straight wagers and exotic wagers.

Basic Wagers:

Basic wagers or straight wagers involve the newcomers to familiarize themselves with Win, Place, and Show. These require a betting amount of $2, however, bets are open as low as $1 in some cases.  Here’s how these three facets work

  1. Win: The simplest one and the easiest to understand, this is as straight forward as it can get. You place your bets on the horse you think will win the race/ come in the first place. If your horse does end up coming in the first place, you win the bet.
  2. Place: When to place, you are basically betting on what rank or place your horse will reach at. I.e. of your horse will come 2nd place or 1st? The winnings on this type of bet are lesser than the Win bets however is security in terms of cashing in of the horse comes up in any of the top two spots.
  3. Show: Here you are betting that the horse you pick may come in the first three ranks. Since the bet is much more buffered and secured, your winning stakes are much higher. However, the payouts for these bets are therefore significantly lower.

Here’s how you can use exotic wagers to earn more out of free sports bets

Exotic wagers are when you are betting on more than one horse at a time. Multiple horses implies not put all your eggs into one basket, thus the potential for profits significantly go higher. However, this can quickly get risky if not careful.  Experience in exotic bets is required, thus for newcomers it’s recommended to observe and only then experiment.

Types include

EXACTA: This one is literal as it gets. You have to pick and choose which horse gets what position i.e. first place and second place in that specific order. For e.g., you bet horse #2 comes first place and horse #7 comes second place. Thus when both these horse come out in that eat order you win really rewarding amounts.

QUINEALLA: You do not decide the exact order of the horses that win, however you do decide the first two horses in the bet. As long as they win in any order, you make profits. The payouts are less rewarding than exacta.

Trifecta and Superfecta : You bet on three and four horses respectively in a specific order. If your horses win in that order strictly you make a lot of money on those bets.

For newcomers, it is suggested to first start with the initial straight wagers and once you catch the pulse of the game, switch to exotic bets.

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