Plagramme – a Tool Helping Cure the World of Plagiarism

Plagramme is a state-of-the-art tool/software which is primarily focused on plagiarism detection. For blog writers, authors, SEO agencies and especially students as well as educators – an online plagiarism checker can do many great things. For many years now, plagiarism has been emerging as a massive threat for content creators and publishers alike.

Plagramme is available in two different formats:

  • Free – merely create an account using your email or a social media account and start checking documents. You can do almost anything and utilise the software to its full potential. However, you will not be able to read reports etc. For that, you have to top up your account with credits.
  • Premium – this is the term used to describe the membership status when you have sufficient funds. They are used to view in-depth reports on plagiarism instances in your text, analysis or order tuition services to improve writing. Some of them can be accessed for free buy only a limited time.

Pricing for individuals is very flexible, and the cost for checking one or a few documents is minimal. Nevertheless, if you seek to process a large number of papers or are a representative of a company or organisation – they provide individual pricing for business clients. Plagramme is an extremely easy-to-use and innovative tool recommended by businesses and private consumers all over the world.

Is Plagramme the best plagiarism checker online?

Try it for free and find out yourselves. Signing up only takes a few minutes, and users can upload an unlimited number of documents whether they have funds in their accounts or not. So, regarding accessibility, it is indeed near the top.

Furthermore, the software is able to adequately detect and analyse documents in many different languages (English, French, Russian, German etc.). Thus you also got that going for you. We strongly recommend using Plagramme for checking the text for plagiarism.

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