3 Things The Internet Is Doing Right For Businesses

3 Things The Internet Is Doing Right For Businesses

It goes without saying that the internet has completely turned this world upside down. It’s revolutionized how we communicate, improved how we educate our students, and has given us a new way to do business with one another.

Before the internet came a long, we were forced to show up to an office and sit in a chair all day. And if there was a fire? Better hope those filing cabinets were flame retardant. But now, frivolous paperwork and other important documents can float around the Cloud, lunch can be ordered on our phones, and we can send our co-workers fun emojis instead of boring memorandums.

The internet has revamped the traditional work space and transformed it into a digital office.

According to a new NPR/Marist poll, one in five jobs in America is made up of workers under contract (aka freelance workers). Some experts estimate that more than 50 percent of jobs may be freelanced within the next decade.

If you’ve never done a freelance project, you’re truly missing out. Freelancing makes life easier on both the employee and the employer. Employee gets to work in their pajamas, set their own hours, and work on a project-by-project basis, while the employer saves on office space, employee benefits, and paid time off.

It’s also alleviated more than a few headaches, especially when it comes to customer complaints.

The internet has opened doors and created opportunities we never thought we’d see. Take being a landlord, for example. Could you imagine the headache of having to deal with customer complaints via the phone or in person? And what about having to wait to receive a rent check in the mail? Thankfully, the internet has created a new way for landlords to handle complaints, take care of their finances, and receive prospective tenant information by using an online rental application.

And now we have unlimited access to anything and everything we’ve ever wanted.

The internet has made it possible for businesses to have strong relationships with partners in other states and other countries. Before things went digital, companies were forced to make overpriced phone calls and expensive business trips.

Skype has made it possible for professionals to deal with practically anything, no matter where they are. Video chatting has made the cover letter a thing of the past and editorial meetings a breeze. Offices trying to set up a second branch don’t have to send an employee over to the site on a regular basis, as their needs can be addressed through a group Skype chat, and a new branch two states away can get in on the manager’s meeting without having to leave their office.

The internet is the face of the future, and it’s changing rapidly. With the option to run businesses solely online, and even earn cryptocurrency instead of dollars, the internet really is changing the future of business. If you haven’t let the internet make your work life easier, now’s the time to start looking into those options. Where can your business use the internet to save time and money? Landlord software? A few freelancers? You have the option to change what business looks like.

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