7 Apps That Every College Student Needs

7 Apps That Every College Student Needs

Today’s college students are exposed to a rigorous curriculum, and there is considerable competition among students with regards to class ranking and GPA. More than that, many students are involved in extracurricular activities, or they have an internship or job outside of school that also takes up many hours of their time each week.

Finding a way to manage time and improve studying at the same time are critical. These are seven of the best apps that can simplify students’ lives, and you can use them to help you manage various aspects of your life in college and even after graduation in some cases.

iStudiez Pro

Keeping up with your assignments, grades and other details for each class that you are taking can be time-consuming and stressful. You simply cannot afford to overlook any details if you want to be successful.

iStudiez Pro is an exceptional app that is available for android and iOS devices. It works by compiling all grades, assignments, notes and more into one convenient location, and this simplifies your life in considerable ways. More than that, it can help you to save time by consolidating all important factors into one comprehensive format.

Office Lens

Office Lens can help you to avoid hand cramps from taking pages of notes each day. You could simply use your phone’s camera feature, but Office Lens makes it easy to refine the focus of your images after the fact.

You can take a shot of your documents or whiteboards and save them as PDF, Word or PowerPoint files. You can also crop, rotate and compile notes for easier viewing and management. With Office Lens, you can focus on what the professor is saying rather than scrambling to copy notes as quickly as possible.

Sound Note

Some students struggle to focus on what the professor is saying while they are scribbling down notes. It can be a challenge to be successful at both of these efforts at the same time.

Sound Note is an effective tool to combat this dilemma. It lets you take notes inside the app while also recording audio in the classroom. Through this app, you can potentially improve your studying capabilities after class and ensure that you never miss a thing.


Learning how to be a better student can be challenging, and you may feel frustrated if you feel alone in this effort.

BenchPrep gives you the full support you need while also modernizing your learning experience. It is a robust study aid available for desktop use, and it offers study questions and other resources on a wide range of topics.

One Drive

If you have had trouble leaving important documents stored on your laptop when you really needed to bring something to class, One Drive is the right solution for you to use.

This is a cloud-based application that works with Microsoft products. You simply save a document to One Drive from any device, and you can access it later from any other device that has an Internet connection. It is highly effective for use with personal documents and even for work documents after graduation as well.


GoConqr is a study app that allows you to find learning resources that you need. It includes courses, notes, flashcards, mindmaps, quizzes, slides and flowcharts on various topics.

This unique and brilliant application also allows you to create and share content with others in a global platform or in a private manner.


Creating a works cited or sources page for your papers, reports and more may be more difficult at times than actually writing the document. EasyBib lets you choose the right documentation style, such as AP or Chicago.

You type in the relevant details, and EasyBib compiles the information into the right format. This resource can save you a considerable amount of time and stress throughout the semester.

Final Thoughts

While college may be a much more competitive environment than it was in previous years, today’s college students also have access to many high-tech tools and resources that yesterday’s students did not have access to. If you are not using these and other applications and tools regularly, there is a good chance that you are wasting more time and enduring more stress than necessary.

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