Common Issues of Computer Usages in Classrooms

Although computers can be incredibly helpful, we should be aware of possible issues that can be associated with them. It is possible that not all teachers know how to properly use computers. Sometimes, teachers need to collaborate with another to make sure that proper usages of computers can be implemented. Time usage something that we need to consider when dealing with computers. It is important to make sure that computers won’t cause additional problems. Schools need to make sure that teachers are well trained with the use of computers for educational purposes. Today, just about any educated people can use computers to browse the web and create documents. However, it can be tricky to properly use computers in the education process.

There are software that can fully help us to improve the education process. However, software can be quite expensive to procure, especially for schools with limited budget. The intensive use of computers in school could also require higher maintenance requirements. For this reason, it is a good idea for schools to limit the amount of computers that they use to reduce the costs of software and the maintenance costs. Although teachers may have moderate skill using computers, they often have no or minimal skills in maintaining and repairing computers. We should be aware that computers are electronic devices and they could eventually fail. Malfunction could happen at any time and it is important to have skilled technicians who will be able to perform repairs.

Issues can happen when computers are not secured. With computers, we can easily access the Internet and we should make sure that students will only get information and content that’s appropriate for their age level. It means that there shouldn’t be one computer for each children. In a class of 25, there should be only 2 or 3 computers that can be used only when there’s a teacher in the classroom. It is important that students are being watched closely by teachers. It is important that teachers can be sure that everything that students access online are quite safe. Passwords can be used to lock operating systems and for added security, it is also possible to use passwords at the BIOS level.

We should be aware that people learn without computers for thousands of years. If computers seem to bring more drawbacks, instead of benefits, we should deeply consider whether computers are really necessary. The use of computers should be aimed to give children an opportunity to learn more. If there’s no significant benefit that students can get, then it’s important to reconsider whether computers are really needed in the classroom. Teachers should identify sources of online learning material that is indispensable for the learning process. Schools should make sure that teachers can actually improve after computers are introduced in the classroom. The use of private laptops by students is another matter and this can be a trickier situation, because students will be more easily distracted by personal devices.

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