How Teachers Are Able to Motivate Students

Motivation is needed in the learning process. It is influenced by various external and internal factors that stimulate our willingness and desire to learn something. Motivation is essential if we want to achieve a goal. Students typically already have intrinsic motivation to learn in class, but unexpected factors could demotivate than and they will be less eager to learn more. There are some strategies that teachers can do to motivate their teachers. One of them is to us a realistic teaching style. Teachers should use learning material that are relevant to students. This will allow students to have real correlation with what’s being taught in the class. Teachers should be able to correlate some details of the learning material. As an example, in a history lesson, teachers may use recent events as examples, because history often repeats itself.

It is important to give students proper amount of freedom. Based on teaching experience, students tend to participate more actively when they are given a sense of autonomy in the classroom. As an example, students could be allowed to choose their own project or lab partners. It is also important for teachers to become effective role models. Students want to follow the footstep of their teachers to know how specific values that are taught in the school can be implemented properly. Teachers shouldn’t know how to do a project properly, they also need to have proper and respectable behaviors. Teachers should have enough enthusiasm about the topics that they are teaching, so students are able to do similarly. Supportive teaching style is needed, especially if students need to deal with complicated and difficult learning materials.

Things will be much harder if teachers refuse to provide enough support and they are extremely tough. In this situation, it’s possible for students to lose interest in the learning process. If the learning material is notoriously difficult, teachers should take extra efforts, such as demonstrating empathy, providing positive feedback and becoming active listener. Just a simple smile is powerful enough to motivate students who are struggling with the learning material. Teachers should clearly clarify what they expect from students. This can be performed by explaining to students about goals and things that they should achieve. By obtaining enough supports to achieve goals, students will be able to easily achieve learning success. Many students are also motivated if teachers have genuine interest in knowing each of the students. There should be a special session for teachers to know their students more.

It isn’t enough for teachers to know the name of their children. They need to know their students better and it’s better for teachers to come to the class ten minutes earlier then engage in conversation with students. This will increase the connection between students and teachers. Students will be more willing to speak and ask any question to the teacher. This should be a quite easy thing to do and it’s important for teachers to avoid distancing themselves.

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