How to Properly Use Computers in Classrooms?

Computers have become an essential tool in the education process and just like books and pens; computers should be able to promote the learning process. Unfortunately, it is also quite easy for us to misuse computers due to their versatility and flexibility. There are advantages and disadvantages of having computers in the classrooms. There’s no clear cut answer of whether computers are friends or foe in the education process. This could become an unsolvable question and the importance of the computer could depend on the learning material. Computers can be both educating and entertaining. They are also great tools for relaxation and diversion, so great that they can become notorious to cause procrastination among students. If computers are used in the classroom, teachers should instruct students on how to use these devices for educational purposes. For younger students, gullible parents can be fooled into thinking that games can be used as educational tools. Some of these games can have limited educational values and they could be dressed appropriately to attract parents.

If teachers want to introduce computer-based learning methods to students, it is important that they use the right type of software. The key is to make sure that the learning process remains appealing and entertaining. For many students, computers can be quite appealing for them, because they can experience immediate feedback. With a good software, students can experience a suitable level of interaction and they are able to learn the materials more effectively. With computers as learning tools, we may find that all the educational capabilities are all there and the software should be designed by people who know how children should learn. There should be educational and psychological considerations when we want to introduce computers in the classroom. As an example, in elementary schools, we should have careful assessment of how computers should be used. All the software used should be designed primarily to educate students properly. Software used should improve social skills motivation, concentration, work habits and personal skills among children. Because there are usually a few computers in each classroom, it is important for teachers to consider how and who use these computers.

There are things that teachers can do to improve the teaching quality using computers. As an example, it would be relatively easy for students to find additional resources. With a printer, they may have extra hard copy references that can be used in group discussions. For many students, computer isn’t difficult t use. With proper methods and software, it should be relatively easy to get the attention of young students. They should be eager to interact with one another discussing about what they want to do with the computer. While using computers, teachers should be there to monitor their usages. Because these computers are placed in public space, it is important that they are properly secured. Only teachers can open these computers using certain passwords. Overall, there shouldn’t be significant issues about the use of computers in the classroom, as long as there are only a few of them and these devices are used only to support the learning process.

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