Running A Business Event Without Stress

Running A Business Event Without Stress

Whether you’re launching a product, running a conference or organising a social event like a Christmas party or a summer picnic, the stress can run high. There’s a lot riding on this: while a more report going poorly might result in a dressing down from your manager, a mismanaged event is a public failure in front of many of your peers.

Today we’re showing you a few ways you can defeat the stress and organise a great business event without breaking a sweat.

Picking a Venue

When you’re choosing a venue, you need to balance a few factors. There’s the needs of the event itself, which will dictate the capacity of the venue and the facilities on offer; the needs of the guest list, which dictate a convenient location for the event, as well as access facilities; and the overriding needs of the business. For example, for a company trying to make a splash with their product launch, finding a distinctive, prestigious venue might be more important than bringing the event in under budget.

If you’re looking for venues for hire in London, click here for possibilities. With efficient travel links around the rest of the UK, as well as international travel available through five nearby airports and the Eurostar, the capital is a great place to hold your event even if your business is based elsewhere.

When you’ve chosen a venue make sure you make your booking, pay any necessary deposit and get a written confirmation on record as soon as possible. If you leave it till too late you may find your chosen is no longer available, which is embarrassing as well as making the event harder.


When the date, time and location of your event are set, you’ll need to inform the guests. To ensure success, make sure you schedule yourself a deadline for sending invitations and information well in advance. Receiving an invite sent at the last minute, written hastily and not properly proofread does not send the image of the event that your managers would prefer!

Your deadline should give you time to confirm all the key details, and to design and write an invitation fitting the event. For a conference, a timetable of events is key, along with an introductory paragraph explaining the significance and aims of the event, while a product launch calls for more publicity materials and details of the product being launched!

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