The Importance Of Web Design For Mobile Platforms

The Importance Of Web Design For Mobile Platforms


Using mobile platforms have become essential in today’s world.  We do almost everything through our phone.  Everything from talking on the phone, using social media, and using our phones for work is now done through one device.  Therefore, it is has become essential for companies to use mobile platforms to reach the biggest audience.

The following information will discuss new technologies that make mobile platforms possible.  It will also showcase several different reasons why mobile platforms for businesses have not only become a good idea.  They have become essential to a company’s success.

Smartphones of the Future

 The newest smartphones have more technology, and capabilities, than ever before.  While people may have used a flip phone 10 years ago, that is generally no longer the case.  The newest smartphones have better sound quality, and cameras.

But, that’s not all.  Take the Google Pixel, for example.  The first smartphone entirely designed by Google offers its own assistant.  Google Assistant allows you to search using voice commands, and contextual knowledge.  What this means is that users can initially look for something, and expand the search from there rather than having to go back to the beginning every time you want to look for something.  As a result, more people are using their smartphones to use apps, and surf the internet.

This important piece of information has brought up an issue for businesses.  In 2017, companies need to understand that the use of smartphones has made it necessary to develop a mobile platform for their business.  Having a website that can be reached on a laptop or desktop is still important.  However, making sure your website is accessible by a smartphone user has become essential.

Reaching Your Audience Quickly

 In today’s business world, companies are still looking for ways to communicate to the largest audience possible.  As such, company executives need to understand the importance of optimizing their website to a mobile platform.  Mobile users are a different breed than people who surf the web at home.  They want information quickly.  They also tend to look for purchases more often since they are on-the-go.  As such, company websites need to put the most pertinent information on the main page in a way that is easily accessible.  Any other pages also need to be easily accessed so that people who go to their website can get more information immediately.


Mobile users are also multitasking.  They are either watching TV, using their laptop, or working.  Companies who create a mobile website will be able to take advantage of this by giving customers a way to access more information as they discover your new product.

Improve Search Results

Mobile websites are also showing up higher on Google search results.  Their algorithm changes made it possible for mobile websites to appear first.  If you don’t have one, your company will be left behind.

Improve Your Brand

 Websites that are easy to maneuver will be visited more often by mobile users.  The ease of going back-and-forth between pages allowed users to feel comfortable with a website making them more willing to go back to it.  If your website doesn’t allow for easy maneuverability,  chances are they won’t go back to it.

The Importance Of Web Design For Mobile Platforms

Responsive Web Design Get Better Results

 Having a mobile website also creates more benefits.  In fact, according to Business 2 Community, the average smartphone user “spends more than two hours a day” on their device.  Not only that, but 70 percent of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour, and 67 percent of users purchase items from a mobile site as they are on-the-go.  Looking at these details should entice companies to mobilize their own website.

Increased Sales

 Not only will mobile platforms get you noticed.  They will also increase sales.  In fact, Business to Community also reported that 62 percent of companies who had websites accessible to smartphones increased sales, and 64 percent increased sales if their site was accessible for tablets.  So, going mobile not only helps customers.  It will help a company’s bottom line.


 Looking at this information, companies should realize that mobile websites are all but required in 2017.  Mobile usage is increasing everyday, and companies need to catch up in order to reach their biggest audience.  But, doing so will also help increase sales, increase their bottom line, and increase their customer base, as well.

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