Top 5 Crm Tools For The Development Of The Company

Top 5 Crm Tools For The Development Of The Company

CRM-solutions is a powerful weapon in the service of business and commerce. Crm tools allow you to automate all the main processes of the company, including attracting leads and retaining customers.

A business without a CRM system can live, work and earn; a business that has implemented CRM-solution can work better, earn more and develop more intensively.

Manufacturers of crm tools try to provide their products with the maximum set of tools that will help the business maintain client-centeredness.

The relationship with customers is affected by many factors, which are extremely difficult to influence. For example, the active actions of competitors or changing the financial situation of the client. But there is always an opportunity to minimize the impact of factors related to work inside the company – loss of data, documents, broken loyalty programs and so on. CRM-system is precisely aimed at solving these problems.

The first thing a CRM-solution can help with is the accumulation of knowledge and sales techniques. In addition, the system is able to complete a range of other business tasks:

  • Improve communication between departments through the organization of a single information environment.
  • Manage the customer database.
  • Accumulate data and generate on their basis reports that help to gain new experience and ideas for managing customer relationships and organizing sales.
  • Manage orders, product catalog, keep inventory.
  • Communicate with customers in omniscient mode.
  • Manage employee time.

CRM-solutions for Trade Automation

CRM-system is a powerful technology that serves as an instrument for the development of clients and additional income. But, like any other tool, it will be effective only if it meets the goals and objectives of the business. Above is a list of functional and effective CRM-solutions, created taking into account the specifics of the trading business.

Crm Tools for Managing Sales of All Types

Bpm’online is a developer of industry solutions. In fact this is a single platform, on the basis of which you can create both your own flexibly customizable and scalable solutions, and take advantage of the ones already ready.

For bargainers, bpm’online sales is the right product for managing sales of all types: from short sales to long corporate transactions. Crm tools allow you to build the entire sales cycle: manage orders, invoices, product catalog, etc.

Blinger.IO for supporting customers through any instant messengers and online chat

A connector for CRM-system, which allows to organize omniscient customer support. The solution provides an opportunity to communicate with customers online via all popular instant messengers – WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Telegram, VK, Facebook, WeChat, etc.

ICustomers – mobile consultant tool

CRM-solution help organize employees’ work outside the office. As a mobile tool, the application is most in demand in companies whose employees work with customers remotely: consultants, insurance agents, service employees or HR specialists.

Storekeeper for automation of operations by warehouses

CRM-solution allows you to close the basic requirements of companies working with the nomenclature, without the need for additional synchronization with the accounting system.

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