Want To Step Up Your Essay Writing? You Need To Read This

Have you ever wondered how your classmates get more assignments done in less time than you? They seem to be completing their essays and research papers before time, doing all the interesting science projects and gaining teachers’ appreciation, participating in extra-curricular activities and building their academic CV, and scoring better than the average student. How are they possibly doing it? What is their secret? Or are there secrets?

Worry no more as this article will take you through some interesting tips and online tools that are being used by your peers. Read along if you want to master the art of assignment writing, especially essays and college papers.

Step Up Your Essay Writing with These Tips

Choose a Difficult Topic

The teacher gave you five different topics, and you know what the popular ones out of those are. Your classmates are least bothered about the assignment, so they choose the easiest one(s). But, not you. You play the field a little and then choose a topic that no one else has.

Choosing a difficult and the least popular topic can impress your teacher so much that you may even get extra marks. Teachers have been giving assignments for years or even decades, and when they see a student do something different, they instantly build a liking towards him/her. This can aid you in not only scoring better in that assignment but also in future essays and research papers.

However, make sure that you write a good quality essay and keep up that same spirit throughout the semester.

Have a Structure in Mind

Once you have a topic in mind, you should immediately start researching. The initial research will help you create a structure for your essay – the central theme, where to start, what to add and what not to add, etc. They key to a well-written essay is a captivating introduction, a detailed middle part that explains the arguments (if any), and a conclusion that drives he message home.

Having a structure in mind can be very helpful in your essay writing activity, and one that can be carried out in a small piece of paper. Don’t depend on complex web tools or smartphone apps; just get yourself a notepad and start.

Add A Summary

Professors often stress about the importance of an executive summary in an essay. Students fail to understand the need behind this, which is to see if they know what they are writing about.

Look at most high school and college essays and you will see how generic they are. Most essays look like rehashed content copied from the internet with the central theme pasted all over the place. Effective essay writing can only be carried out if you completely understand the topic you are writing. And you can only write a striking summary of your essay when you both completely understand the topic and the central idea of your essay.

In addition to these unconventional tips, you can also consider using these online tools to master essay writing:

Step Up Your Essay Writing with These Tools

Essay Helpers

There are lot of writing websites like MyEssayWriting where you can buy essays and research papers that are written by professional academic writers. Just give them the title, a brief, and your specific requirements. And you will have a top-quality essay in your hand way before the final deadline.

According to online reports, majority of students today depend on such services as they are easy, affordable, and professional.

Cite This For Me

Previously known as RefMe, this free tool can come to your aid if you are finding it difficult to create references. It supports more than 7500 referencing styles and carries out the process automatically. Just collect your sources and add them to Cite This for Me. And then, once you have completed the essay, add the list of references into your essay – plain and simple.

Hemingway App

One of the most intelligent writing apps out there, this one will help you polish your essay with regards to grammar, language, and parts of speech. Just copy paste your text part by part into the web tool and analyze it. It suggests ways to simplify our writing by avoiding hard-to-read sentences, useless adverbs, etc.

There you have it – the top tips and tools for effective and efficient essay writing.

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