What Are Best Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals?

Since the boom of technology in our lives, the computer related fields have become the most demanding throughout the world. Either you want to get a significant job or want to choose an educational discipline, you will find the technological computer fields on the top everywhere. Even the college students can get the assignment assistance on the internet from numerous online academic writing website. The computer which is the source or the beginning of almost every technological advancements in the world has too many multiple sub-fields too. Either you classify it in the languages or the engineering, it is impossible to discuss this wonder of science in detail in one post. However, in this article, I have tried to summarize the fundamentals of two most prominent terms and the phenomenon of latest tech world which is Java programming and Software Engineering.

What is Java?

The Java is a programming language which is consist of three points.

  • Java Language
  • Java Platform
  • Java Tools

It is the most general-purpose programming language which is used to develop software for the different tech devices including smartphones and computers.

Why Java?

The Java is a programming language in which everything is coded according to object oriented principles (OOP) which facilitate code modularization, reusability, testability and performance. Moreover, the Java’s slogan is “write once and run everywhere” which means it is interpreted and portable. The Java is the simplest language in the all due to its features like familiar syntax, automatic memory management and other more qualities which make it simple.


There are many keywords in the Java language. These keywords are the special tokens in the language which is established and have some meanings. These keywords are not like the identifiers in the Java programming language moreover a developer cannot declare any field with the name of the keyword.

For examples, the primitive type keywords like “int” and “boolean”, the control flow statements “for” and “if” access the modifiers like “public”. Following are some more keywords of the Java language.

  • Abstract
  • Assert
  • Break
  • Byte
  • Extends
  • Final
  • Float
  • Try
  • Void
  • Volatile

Why Software Engineering?

Software engineering is one of the most complex subjects which is required to develop different software on time, within the budget and to fulfill the requirements of the person who need a software for his work and business. Software engineers are the people who are responsible for constructing the software which usually runs the tech hardware. Either the hardware of the computers or the VR gadgets, every tech device need a software that makes the software engineering a complex job.

What are the Software Application Domains?

There are seven type of software application domains which you and I use every day without knowing that it is only made possible due to the software engineers.

  1. System Software: System software is the most common software which is designed to run our computer’s hardware.
  2. Application Software: Application Software is also called end-user programs which include things like database programs, word processors, web browsers and spreadsheets.
  3. Engineering/Scientific Software: these are the computer aided design (CAD) programs or the applications which help the engineers to draw and test the properties of their engineering.
  4. Embedded Software: this software are for those machines or devices which are not typically referred as computers but has the particular hardware which runs on and has time and has the memory constraints.
  5. Product-Line Software: or the software product line (SPL) is a set of software for the intensive systems and has the features of satisfying the needs of particular market segments.
  6. Web Application Software: it is the client-server software application in which the client or the user interface to run in a web browser.
  7. AI Software: these are the software that helps to create a pattern in the big data which is important for the Artificial Intelligence functions in any machine.

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