International Accreditations For MBA In Italy

Italy has a rich culture dating back in history with an ethnically diverse society. It is the home to leading names in fashion and design industry like Armani, Gucci and Ferrari and Ducati from the automobile sector.

Off late, it has emerged as one of the top destinations for higher education in Europe especially for business courses. The place continuously attracts many international students who form a major part of the student population in business schools and courses like MBA in Italy.  What works for Italy is the high quality of higher education coupled with the low education fees making it erstwhile for many students from Europe and even the Americas to head off there.

But before you set out to choose a university of program, you must check whether it has accreditation from the international bodies. Without a valid recognition, your degree will have no value and your career prospective will also be damaged.

The Top International Accreditations You Need to Look Out For

So to help you out, we will make you aware about the international accreditation bodies certifying MBA in Italy that ensure a standard and high quality education.


Operated by the EMFD, this quality improvement system analyzes the institutions holistically to judge whether it is suitable for international standards. The scope of the accreditation encompasses all business degrees and programs of an institute up to PhD.

An institution recognized by this accreditation will offer courses which have strong professional scope. It would also portray that the institution has high degree of international relevance.

It has 167 institutions spread over 41 countries under its accreditation. It also operates specific accreditations like EPAS which means an institution has a high quality education programs and international perspective.


Established in 1967, this global organization only accredits international institutions which have the highest standard of achievement in their business programs. Only the best programs earn this accreditation and currently there are 240 business schools located in over 70 countries under AMBA. It’s one of the international accreditations that go a long way in defining your career.


The American professional organisation started accrediting business schools as early as 1916. It used to be a major body recognized in the education world, but has lost its importance lately.

Yet a recognition from this organisation is considered as an valuable asset in the professional arena and also gives the program a certificate of excellence. Currently 789 business schools operate with this accreditation in 53 countries.

So for pursuing your MBAs Italy, make sure the program has valid accreditation which makes it recognized internationally and guarantees its quality. The leading business schools like Bologna Business School offers great MBA in Italy programs with due recognition from bodies like EMFD and others.

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