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Mistakes That Must Be Avoided While Writing Essays

Essay writing has different tactics that can improve your ability or power of writing along with interest to express your thoughts and feelings to the readers. There are many people in the world who cannot express their views, thoughts and ability to others because they are not well aware of the writing tactics and do not know to express views to readers by writing. But there are also that people who want to write or know to write essays to express their feeling or thought but they make serious mistakes in essay writing which gives negative impact towards his or her writing abilities.

Most importantly after knowing tactics of writing essays you must aware of the things that should be avoided to keep your essay interesting along with innovative. Most people do not find their own mistakes in writing and when they will hesitation they go for cheap essay writing services for help. But if you do not know the most common mistakes that would not make your essay interesting then don’t worry, here we would mention you some mistakes or errors that can make your essay useless or ineffective.

Some of them are discussed below:

  • If you do not maintain the pattern then your essay would be in effect. An impressive introduction is the essential need of an essay, after that well maintained or organized content can make readers attracted towards your approach and thoughts, and at last a well effective and powerful conclusion would make your essay impressive to readers. Try to maintain your essay on above-discussed manner.
  • Uses of informal writing or uses of phrases or words, extraordinary passive structures, beginning with conjunctions, too long or short sentences and words repetition are the worst mistakes that can make your essay unimpressive.
  • Usage of too many passive structures can also make your essay headache to readers and they will not give you positive or good remarks on your views. The reason behind this is, it will make your essay more impersonal as compared to active. On the other hand usage of active sentences is more clear and direct. It is advice that not use more than 20% of your sentences in passive.
  • Too long sentences can also create the worst impact on the reader, similarly to short sentences can also make your essay irresponsive. Use sentences that clearly or completely describe your views whether it is long or short. The point here is that, not make your sentence too long when it can be described in short line, similarly if any view required more lines to explain but you explain it in very short line. Avoid of this type of mistakes can make you more professional as a writer.
  • As we discuss the concept of too long or too short lines, similarly here we talk about usage of coordinating conjunction. Too many coordinating conjunctions can also make your essay less responsive
  • The structure has its own impact. Structural mistakes can create bad image readers. The most common mistakes are the usage of fragments inappropriate punctuation. The fragment is unnecessary because it contains the same clause. Similarly, inappropriate punctuation means run-on sentences which occur when you join sentences without the use of appropriate punctuation.
  • Grammatical errors or mistakes occur most commonly. This is the mistake many writers do. Most common grammatical mistakes contain mistakes of noun, verb, subject-predicate agreement, pronouns. The mistake of the verb is very complicated because you should have to pay clear attention when you use auxiliary, infinitive and modal verbs. So you have to pay clear attention to writing essays because these mistakes can occur suddenly when your attention or concentration diverts.
  • Vocabulary mistakes are another category of mistakes most commonly occurs. The most common vocabulary mistakes are a misuse of homonyms, confusing words, wrong form of verbs. Misuse of homonyms means usage of unnecessary or incorrect homonyms. Similarly confused words mean usage of words which cannot be correct without proper attention like affect and effect.
  • Spelling mistakes occur when you write an essay in a hurry or you do not check it after writing.

These above-discussed mistakes are the worst mistakes that must be considered while writing an essay. If you avoid these mistakes then your essay would become more attractive and professional.

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