Starting From Scratch: How To Make Decisions About Brand-New Homes and Offices

            Searching for the perfect home or office can be stressful. So when you decide to build your own structure from the ground up, the feeling can be liberating: finally, you’ll be able to get exactly the space you want!

            For most of us, that feeling doesn’t last long. Pretty soon, the anxiety sets in: so this space can look any way I want? Well, what do I want?

            With complete freedom comes a pretty intimidating selection of choices. Here’s how to cut through the confusion and get the perfect space.

A Successful Model

            The easiest way to get a sense of what you really want is to look at model homes and offices. The layout of your dream home doesn’t have to be completely unique, and you may find that your perfect space already exists – and can be replicated on your own property. Designing your own home completely from scratch is impossible for just about anyone who isn’t an architect, and even working with an architect to develop an entirely new property can be incredibly difficult. It’s far easier to start with a blueprint taken from a model home that impressed you. Model homes have already solved problems that you’re not necessarily qualified to solve – they manage pipes and other home systems effectively, for instance.

Custom Work

From this starting point, you can customize your home or office based on your priorities – a higher ceiling here, a bigger closet there – and end up with a space that really is unique.

To start, sit down and make a list of the things that matter most to you. Making changes to the plan will be expensive, so rank your concerns from most to least important and be prepared to make some sacrifices. Think about things like ceiling height, closet size, doors, windows, finished basements, and useable attics.

Finishing with Furniture

            If you’re building a new home, you probably already have plenty of furniture to move into your new space – and that’s great! But take this opportunity to update your furniture, if you can. You’re already spending a good deal of money on your move, and there’s no sense in paying movers to transport a dresser that you’ll put on the curb in a year’s time anyway. Think about the finishing and paint in your new rooms, and consider investing in new furniture in some areas.

            For office managers, an office move is a great time to invest in new furniture – for some of the same reasons, like moving costs. A new office space will feel as new as it is when the furniture is modern and functional, so consider updating your office furniture at the same time as you update your office space.

            Once again, it pays here to start from a standard. Look at furniture collections and matching sets, then feel free to customize on a case-by-case basis. You’ll find that your incredible range of choices will become more manageable – while you remain free to change any detail you like.

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